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Would you be interested in putting your views forward for a new Cosplay documentary? Do you know anyone with a unique story? Have you ever won a masquerade? Want to be in a film?
I have just set up a poll on my page! Please HELP ME!!

What Cosplay should I enter to London Comic-Con October 2014 Masquerade

RoboCop, Pyramid Head, James Sunderland or Team Noble?


I have decided to leave this small island next year and head to the London Comic Con. I wish to enter my new Silent Hill Cosplay and also wear my new RoboCop as it should be complete by then!
As a first time Expo attendee what advice can my internet buddies give me? Please give advice and also any advice on Cosplay friendly hotels that can put three me up?

I will also have a small film crew following me due to a documentary that will be created that is about Cosplay in the UK.

If anyone is interested in appearing in the documentary or having a video interview please feel free to reply to this entry. 

Thanks for your time,


As my Cosplays build up and people keep asking about where and when will they see me at Expos etc i thought I best go down the facebook root and create a page for my online avatar... Dax79

Thank you to everyone who is watching me on deviantART and to everyone who has been giving their honest opinions!
I have created my 1st group and hope you will pop by and fill it up! Everyone is welcome and I hope it fills with SH tattoos and other body arts Silent Hill related!

If your a member of 'The Order' you get featured!!

Pass the group around and help! Help! Help!!
Images to create but no time. I need more time.
Images to create but no time. I need more time.